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Monday, January 20, 2014

Blaxploitation Music

Peace Fans,

Here is some music that I have extracted from a few movies lately. It's a nice combination of soul, funk, and library/production shots. These soundtracks are not official releases [that I know of]. Enjoy the music! -SS

Rheet Taylor - Main Title [Super Spook] (1975)
Rheet Taylor - The Chase [Super Spook] (1975)
Life, U.S.A. - Evil [The Force Four] (1975)
Life, U.S.A. - Loving You Is So Beautiful [The Force Four] (1975)
Dave Richmond - Malice [KMP 1168, used in "Brotherhood of Death"] (1976)
Titto Sotto - Lougin' [T.N.T. Jackson] (1975)

Ernie Banks - The Numbers Game [ Jive Turkey] (1974)
Unknown Artist - I'm In Charge [Across 110th Street] (1972)
Robert Prince - I Will Never Let You Go [J.D.'s Revenge] (1976)
H.B. Barnum - Hit Man: What You Gonna Do? [Hit Man] (1972)
Lloyd Price - In The Eyes Of God [The Legend of Nigger Charley] (1972)
Luther Henderson - Main Title [The Slams] (1973)
Luther Henderson - All Guards Proceed With Night Count [The Slams] (1973)

Black Terrorist (1976)

  • Vera Johns
  • Alan Granville
  • Norman Knox

This movie is extremely obscure and impossible to find. It was originally titled "Terrorist" (1976). It actually is not as bad as you would think. A marauding band of black terrorists hold the inhabitants of a tiny desert settlement hostage. They murder most of the settlers, but spare a beautiful white woman and her young son. She escapes in a hale of gunfire, then enlists the aid of a machine gun toting soldier of fortune to free her child. Lots of great campy music. Based on a true story.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Original Gangstas 2: Old School Gangstas

Attention Baxploitation fans! Our favorite Old School Gangstas need our help. This will likely be the last Blaxploitation film from them, so let help them make it happen 1 more time! They need the backing and support, so I say BP: LETS GIVE IT TO THEM!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poor Devil (1973)

  • Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Christopher Lee
  • Jack Klugman
A bumbling assistant to Satan (Sammy Davis Jr.) hasn't gotten a soul for him for 1400 years. He gets one last chance when he's assigned get the soul of a down and out retail department store accountant (Jack Klugman).

It's easy to see why this was not picked up as a series. The best performance is by Adam West, who gleefully plays the villain.

All that's memorable about this pilot is historical. You see outdoor scenes in San Francisco, and the clothing of the time. In this pilot a character is trying to get in touch with the underworld, and starts to phone the Church of Satan downtown. Satan (a youthful-looking Christopher Lee) uses the upside-down pentagram, with horns on it. The 2 fingered sign of Satan with a twist of the wrist, enables a devil to disappear.

Sammy Davis who plays a devil was for a time a member of the Church of Satan. He socialized with the LaVeys and wore his Church of Satan medallion in public.

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