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Monday, September 7, 2015

Grady Tate [featuring Gary McFarland Orchestra] - Slaves (1969)

From the obscure Blaxploitation film, "Slaves" (1969) featuring Ossie Davis and Dionne Warwick, this soundtrack offers us very little to none of that Blaxplotiation sound we are accustom to hearing. Nevertheless, it's necessary to have in the collection. Driven by harmonic and country sounds that one could say is fitting for a film like "Slaves"; this soundtrack does deliver for it purpose. Enjoy.

A1. Slaves    
A2. Slaves    
A3. Meetin' House    
A4. Black Lullabye    
A5. Another Mornin'    
B1. Pickin' Cotton    
B2. Nightwind (Esther's Theme)    
B3. Another Mornin'    
B4. Pickin' Cotton    
B5. Nightwind (Esther's Theme)

Go here for the review of the film, "Slaves" (1969).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Luchi De Jesus & Holland/Dozier/Holland - Detroit 9000 [OST] (1973)

Another righteous soundtrack done by the legendary Luchi De Jesus. This soundtrack features the melodies that we've been accustom to hearing from De Jesus, such as the, "Wah-Wah" screaming guitar in "Friday Foster" and "Black Belt Jones."  It has been said that there is a Capital Hi-Cue Reel 114 featuring cuts from De Jesus in released '77. This rare library record may potentially contain some recordings for "Detroit 9000". While our fan based custom made soundtracks are great, we would really like to get our hand on authentic material!

01. Opening Credits (Theme From Detroit 9000)
02. Win With Clayton (Touch Me Jesus & Sunday Morning People Medley) (Vocal)
03. The Heist (Masked Men)
04. The Heist (Gunmen Escape)
05. The Heist (Look For The Answer, You'll Find It In Him) (Vocal)
06. A Honky Caper (Dialogue)
07. You're Allergic To Motown (Dialogue)
08. 9000 Officer In Trouble (Theme)
09. Throw A Punch At Me (No Name Bar)
10. Buzz The Fuzz (Dialogue)
11. The Sanatorium
12. Hot & Black (Jessie)
13. Ethel's Place (Party At The Brothel)
14. The Doctor (Ferdie The Pimp)
15. Stakeout (The Ultimate Product Of Your Jive Ass Honky Establishment) (Dialogue)
16. Stakeout (Milo Get's In The Way)
17. The Indian (Theme)
18. Boat Chase
19. Ruby
20. Ruby (Keep My Baby Warm) (Vocal)
21. Tell You How It Was (Ruby's Place) (Theme)
22. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (Aubrey Hill-Clayton)
23. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (50 Seconds)
24. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (Every Black Man Ain't Your Brother)
25. After Holly Hill (The Bust)
26. Another Rip-Off, Fa-Sho (Like A Raunchy Rabbit)
27. Dan Dies (Clayton's Speach)
28. The Worst Cop I Ever Knew (The End)
29. The Bust (Complete)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tom Scott and the L.A. Express - Uptown Saturday Night [OST] (1974)

Another unofficial release, brought to you by the brothers of Blax-Pride. In this post, we feature the soundtrack to "Uptown Saturday Night" by Tom Scott and L.A. Express, also featuring a 7" version of "Uptown Saturday Night" theme sung by Bill Harris. It is unfortunate that there was never an official soundtrack release of this film. Considering how incredible "Let's Do It Again" by Curtis Mayfield and the Staple Singers, and "A Piece of the Action", by Curtis Mayfield and Mavis Staples; Uptown Saturday would have delivered a very similar vibe (minus the production of Curtis Mayfield, which automatically puts it 3rd best to the other two soundtracks). But who's comparing?

01. Uptown Saturday Night (Vocal)
02. Steve At Work
03. You're My Queen
04. Drinkin' & Thinkin' 'Bout Zenobias
05. Madam Zenobias One O' Clock
06. Madam Zenobia
07. Checkin' The Scene
08. What's Behind The Red Door
09. I Gotta Get In This Game
10. Seven Again
11. Hold Up
12. In Your Underwear
13. Climbing Higher Mountains (Vocal)
14. Sanctified Sleep
15. Out In The Streets
16. Con-Grift-Man
17. Nobody Loudtalks Little Seymore
18. Geechy Dan Buford
19. Shootout
20. Hot Pursuit
21. Take 'Em Out
22. Silky Slim
23. How I Got Over (Vocal)
24. Church Picknick
25. Joy Juice
26. African Ceremonial Pageant
27. Cops
28. Slim's Getaway (The Chase)
29. How I Got Over (End Titles)
30. Uptown Saturday Night (Dobie Gray)
31. Uptown Saturday Night Trailer

Bill Harris - Uptown Saturday Night [7'']  (1974)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Charles Bernstein - That Man Bolt [OST] (1973)

The funky sounds of Blax-Fu brought to you buy the legendary, Charles Bernstein. "That Man Bolt" (1973), did not have an official soundtrack release, but our masters of Blaxploitation managed to take the time to compile an incredible score for the soundtrack lovers. Complete with funk, jazz, soul, drama, and nifty soundbites, "That Man Bolt" ost embodies every lasting taste that you desire from a Blaxploitation soundtrack.  Enjoy!

01. Macao
02. Main Theme From That Man Bolt
03. Setup (Bolt Theme)
04. Bolt Leaves The Airport (Bolt Theme)
05. The Briefcase
06. Car Park (Bolt Theme)
07. Bolt Bolts (The Chase)
08. New Wheels
09. In Vegas To See Tony
10. She's A Lady (Teresa Graves)
11. In My Part Of Town (Teresa Graves)
12. Samanthas Theme (Dialogue)
13. Roulette
14. Sam's Sweet Love (Killer Sneaks In)
15. Sam's Dead
16. Tony's Pad
17. Leaving for Hong Kong (Dialogue)
18. Bolt's On The Move (Hong Kong Airport)
19. The Bank Is In, Up To It's Distinguished Brittish Ass (Dialogue)
20. What Took You Boys So Long (Kho Hung Fireworks)
22. Accupuncture Torture (The Fight)
23. See The Man In The Bowler Hat
24. Fan Tan Bath House (The Monks OF Chen-Fu)
25. Bolt Searchs For Facts
26. Kumada's Banquet
27. Dominique Kuan's Bedroom
28. Happy New Year Mr Kumada
29. Kumada Sends Spider After Bolt (2nd Fight)
30. Tami's Garden (Baby San)
32. Fireworks (Happy New Year Kumada)
33. I'll Take It From Here (Dialogue)
34. On Land And Water (The Chase)
35. Kumadas Estate (Bolt Theme)
36. Death Of Spider (The Fight)
37. Back To The Airport
38. End Tiltles (Main Theme From That Man Bolt  Reprise)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Blaxploitation Pride

Peace Fans,

I would like to say hey to old fans and welcome to the new. I am the blog administrator, Self-Science, and we are preparing to give this blog some life again. Now before some of you get your hopes up, let me be very clear that we are not going to be like we use to be as far as sharing goes. We have some new ideas and projects that will satisfy your thirst of blaxploitation.

Our beloved blog editor, Funkback, has returned from hiatus, so this will really boost activity to the website. I have enabled commenting on the blog again. We are still down one editor, Mr. Wone, but he will return when he ready.

The website has turned into more than just a "blaxploitation" website. It's a museum. He have covered many eras of black films, so the research here is abundant. We have some goodies to present, so in due time you will slowly begin seeing posts. Hope everyone is doing well and Blax Pride!!


Funk is Back!

I'm back in the game and it still is the same! 

Funkback the original blogster (who relishes in all things funky) has true love for one of our most neglected artforms, the Blaxploitation movie and it's funky funky soundtrack, and is bouncing back into blogland. For those of You who didn't know:
I reside in the cold north of Scandinavia and was turned on by a friend of mine who dug HipHop and played me a Big Daddy Kane song where he battles Dolemite (no need to say who came out the victor)...

Then we lucked out and met a diehard grindhousefan, who had some 6th generation VHS-tapes of the classics. My friend tried to watch, but the lack of acting and the poor picture/sound turned him off. He was like: Isaac Hayes in mono?, eurghh!! I'll stick with my CD of The Mack!

But I was soo hooked!! Everytime I saw something remotely like a blax-soundtrack (a 'fro, platforms or maybe some striped flarepants sufficed to grab my attention) I dragged them home from the fleamarket. One of the first discoveries was Blacula by Gene Page. You'd best believe that Superfly and Shaft already had set a near impossibly high standard! Still my recordcollection grew...

As I learned more I started to aprecciate the less accessible stuff and the number of filled crates are still growing. These muthas have been increasing in prices lately (ebay Y'all) and I can no longer indulge myself like I used to.

My country was early in installing cable broadband internet, that led to my finding some serious funk online. Just as giving is superior to just taking, I started to share my findings first at Cinemageddon where they had a blaxploitation project wiki. Then I met Self Science through this blog and got to know Mr Wone. That experience gave me some serious schooling. If You take the time to actually study the movies and sounds on here You will slowly but surely reach my conclusion:
- There are far too many good worthwile movies and soundtracks to survive a front to back sitting (even if You avoid sleep and the bathroom). That's what is so great about this place!! You can actually learn some about genres and idioms of black culture BEFORE You make a decision about what to actually sit Yo' ass down to whatch/listen to. Our collective concioussness about these things grow and develop as we share it.

The early developments of "the cloud" made that (sharing) easy, megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire and the likes of Pirate Bay and Demonoid. Nowadays Youtube and to some extent spootify (at least for Scandinavians) and Last FM, has eased that process even further. But You will always have to be aware of The Man spying on Your online activities to see if there's a movieindustry/musicindustry nickel to be had there. If they think there is they will shut Your account down without a second thought. Many great blogs were shut down during my prevoius hiatus (RIP). There was blaxploitation.com (it's still there but not active) and The motherpage.edu (seerious P-Funk black-hole archive). But sharing via links to cloudservices has become more of a hassle that doesn't justify the labour involved. The defunct blogs and Wikis have been replaced by other fresh attempts in different languages, but Blaxploitationpride and sister/brotersite Blaxploitation Jive, through sheer volume keeps far ahead of the pack keeping the knowledge in circulation. We can now reach even more people through the Facebookpage!

I'm one of the initiated who really, really dug what they were trying to do with Black Dynamite and Li'l Pimp. Now I have to say I'm so very happy to see Blaxploitationpride still online, after my personal fortunes took a tumble. Now lets see what the future holds...

I'm gonna dig in and put my Funkback in it!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blaxploitation Soundtrack Mix

Peace Fans,

It's been a while since there has been activity on the website. We are still around, but there has been many transitions in our lives so we don't spend much time posting on BP. I try and fill request to people who sends me an email, but sometimes is takes me a while to respond. If there is anything that your interested in from BP, then just shoot me an email at selfscience06@gmail.com

For now, enjoy this Blaxploitation soundtrack by Skeme Richards from Hot Peas and Butter.

Take Care,

Visit Blaxploitation Jive for biographies on Legendary Artist and discography information.